“ It has been my pleasure to experience the Sound Healing of Robert John Malone in workshops at my festival ranch 3SidedWhole.com in the desert of New Mexico as well as at a house concert in my home.  I was delighted to immerse myself in his ambient sound fields, resonant healing tones, personalized gonging and masterful compassionate explanations of sound and its value for health and well being.  Truly the best pure Sound Healing experiences i have had.  I look forward to working with Robert in future festivals, workshops and sound healing experiences with my clients and family.”

- Norman W Katz PhD.   /  Behavioral Medicine Consultant   /   NormanKatzPHD.com

Former Clinical Associate Professor,  Family Practice and Psychiatry                 

University of New Mexico Medical School

“After my first session with Robert I could tell he had a strong connection with spirit, I have since worked with him several times to help with stress and have found his sound therapy sessions continue to be transformational. His approach to healing is simple and grounded in what he terms “self-empowerment”. The tools I learn working with Robert leave me feeling Inspired, more relaxed & internally recharged, Thank you for your guidance Robert.”

- Katrina Pegeaux – Acupuncturist

“Working with Rob has been a truly unique experience. After just a few sound healing sessions, I have felt myself transform in many positive ways. He has a clear understanding of what our spirit needs. I’ve always known the power of music but working with Rob’s sound bowls is on an entirely different and deeper level. The energy that he taps into is both freeing and healing. I recommend working with him!”

- Kailin Garrity – Singer/ Songwriter

“Robert helped me remember that the spiritual knowledge & energy we gain from meditation are meant to manifest in our lives for the benefit of those we know & work with. I work with children in my profession and must remain clear & compassionate in order to discover & ease their burdens. Robert made it clear to me again that, as humans we are not quickly learning to adjust to our new burden of knowledge & technology. I look forward to the next crystal bowl meditation, as it’s one of the 2 kinds of meditation experiences that can corral my undisciplined mind. Thank you for your work with humanity. ”

- Suzzette Williams (Social Worker & Attendee of SSC @ Journeys in Yoga, Tallahassee, FL ) 

“I attended four of Roberts workshops at a beautiful holistic gathering, three on sound healing and one on creating intelligent dance music. To say these workshops changed my life is an understatement. The foundation of knowledge and experience Robert has when it comes to understanding music on a multi-dimensional level is astounding. By fusing vibrational medicine properties, true originality, and a passion to help others, Robert has gave me hope for the future of humanity.”

- Nicholas Miano (Physical Therapist )

“Robert’s performance here at DU20 was one of the best we’ve experienced! His love and passion for his work shows through and draws people in. I highly recommend Robert for anyone interested in creating an atmosphere that is full of loving energy.”

- Jang Centofanti – Office Manager & Customer Service of DU20 Holistic Oasis

“My first experience with sound therapy.  After going through a series of different exercises and such, I was subjected to some powerful sounds generated by quartz crystal and traditional Tibetan singing bowls, among other things. After an evening of feeling ‘spaced’ and a subsequent day of massive detoxification, I feel….Whole. As if the pieces of me have been unified into something much greater than their sum. I feel more ME than I can ever recall in this lifetime. And it’s incredibly peaceful. Thanks Robert! A gift like this is beyond worldly value.”

- Chaz – Musician/Singer

“My experience of working with Robert is simple. I believe in the healing power of music so I wanted to have him work with me. Spontaneously my son participated in our first two sessions together. My son was 5 years old at the time and after the two sessions I noticed that my son’s nails were super long and realized it was because he stopped biting his nails!. His father and I had not put too much attention into the “poor habit” but as a mother I knew it was the result of the sound healing work we had done with Robert. You may think this is trivial but, how many people do you know have little nervous habits that they can’t get rid of smoking, fidgeting, nail biting, foot tapping, emotional eating, etc….as an acupuncturist we see these as signs of stress/anxiety or an inability to be at peace with just being. Robert’s work truly brings us into a place of being that as he puts it is more “Relaxed, Balanced, & Focused” Plain and simple. Thank you Robert.

- Stephanie Pierre – Acupuncturist @ DU20 Holistic Center, Delray Beach, FL
Email : Stephaniekiser@hotmail.com


“Robert was amazing to work with. He is authentic in his words and actions; always present with an open heart. The work we did with him showed his creativity and his ability to connect with others. We are still getting positive responses from our customers and the last time we worked with him was over a month ago.”

- Dr. Nick Kusturic (Co-owner of DU20 Holistic Oasis)

“Robert guided us during our Crown Chakra Attunement Course into deep relaxation and connection. His gentle approach and exquisite crystal bowls sang our hearts into bloom.”

- Elaina Beam (Yoga Educator & Host of the Chakra Attunement Course at Du20 Holistic Oasis)


“Quiet silence begins, awakening to that inner voice which speaks through all life. It is a joy to work with Robert. His guidance through toning with the crystal bowls has been a delight. I am grateful.” 

- Theresa Dyer – Manager at Nutrition Cottage Boynton Beach

“I’ve ben suffering from lower back pain for some time now and with Rob’s Guidance and teachings I’m learning to heal myself by attuning my own mind, body, spirit connection. Thank you Rob”

- Laura Vincent – ANGLE Learning Coach – Ritz Carrolton 

“Through Rob’s Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy Sessions I became more aware of the energy around me and inside myself, Thank you!”

- Cara Perrone – Service Professional

“Working with Robert was a joy. With just a little input from me he was able to create three unique music clips that I use as intro and exit music for training calls I offer through my business. The clips represent the style and brand of my business very well and they allow me to add a quick, professional touch to my work that my clients appreciate. I greatly appreciated his skill, pleasant demeanor and professional courtesy, and would do business with him again in an instant. 

- Michelle McGrew ( www.WakeUpGodess.com )

“Thanks so much for the IDM workshop at Enchanted Forest! As a professional live jazz musician getting passionately into Electronic music making, it was refreshing to hear somebody speak about the technical issues of mixing and producing with a conceptual and spiritual perspective. I was able to resonate with your ideas and connect them to what I know about improvising, which made the whole process of making electronic music seem much less intimidating and even more meaningful. I really needed that! Thank you! And I sincerely hope you can have more opportunities to share your ideas in greater depth and to more people.” 

- Ila Cantor / Jazz Musician