What is the Potential with Sound?

  The first step in understanding Sound as a wellness modality is found in the application of physical vibrations. We now see within the modern field of dentistry ultra-sonic toothbrushes used as the most effective way to clean teeth without damaging them, the same principle is also used in some hospitals to treat kidney stones & bone spurs. 

  The next step of understanding is found in music and it's effect on the central nervous system. We all have been touched by the power of music is some form or another. Its ability to impact us on a deep emotional level opens pathways for adressing emotional wounds and stimulating our nervous system with repaeting patterns of energy which has a therapeutic effect on our state of being. The Human Brain has a response known as "Brainwave Entrainment" - it's the brain's ability to change it's dominant brainwave frequency when exposed to certain sounds for extended periods of time.

Thus Acoustical Sounds that are Harmonically Rich provide a Sonic Environment that stimulates the Central Nervous System into a more harmonious state of being.  Through Sound Baths an individual can go from a "fight or flight" stressed state of being to a calm balanced state of homeostasis usually in under 10 min. From this relaxing of the mind and central nervous system the body naturally begins to follow suite usually first in the nature of our sleeping habits. Many other facets of wellness have & can come to fruition as a result of releasing stress naturally through Sound Healing,

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