How does Sound Heal?

Sound can heal in a variety of ways; the simplest is through pure vibrations such as modern ultrasound machines used to breakup kidney stones & sonic toothbrushes to clean teeth. Another example is through meditation by assisting an individual in focusing their mind/attention span for longer and longer periods of time, which in return helps heal a variety  of focal & emotional disorders such as Stress, Anxiety, ADD, OCD, Anger Management, & Depression.


Why Use Sound to Heal?

           Using sound to heal is a non-evasive support system for almost any healing situation.  Today with the advent of technology we as human beings are becoming more and more entangled in stressful adverse mental states     that are not natural to us. Stress is known by western medicine to be the cause of 80% of disease.  Thus Sounds healing potential is based on the integrative network of the central nervous system and it’s tremendous influence on the bodily functions. i.e. mind/ heart/ body connection.

     By inducing altered states of consciousness through psychoacoustic principles an individual learns through sound therapy, simple techniques/ tools to gain new levels of focused conscious awareness.  When the mind becomes more relaxed, balanced & focused a healing process begins to happen quite naturally as the individual is doing the “work” himself or herself. This in return adds to the confidence of the psyche to manage it’s energetic states as daily life goes on and assist in reducing any sense of dependency on a drug or doctor to “heal” leading them one step closer towards a state of self-empowerment.